New to the Neighborhood?

Welcome aboard! One of the first places to start is getting your account approved.  With an account, you'll be able to access all kinds of insider information from meeting minutes and covenants to neighborhood alerts and recipes. Follow the steps below. If you are not new and just want to sign up a spouse (or correct their email address) and already have access yourself skip to the bottom.


New Users
  1. Click the register link in the top right corner of this website.
  2. Fill out your information, create a password, and select the account type you are applying for.  Most commonly the account type will be Homeowner.
  3. Sit back relax and wait for approval.  Typically happens within 24 hours.

How To Fix Or Add Your Spouse's Email Address

  1. Sign into your account, then click the Welcome, <your name> link in the top right corner of this website.
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Click on Members as shown in the box below, then click Add member.  Please note: You cannot typically edit a member that has an email assigned in which case we'll just add the new member to the account with the correct information and email, then delete the incorrect member.
  4. Select Joint Member for type and fill in the appropriate details. Once finished click Save member.
  5. If necessary, delete the incorrect member off from the account.  You are all set.